History of SATUCI Youth Partners

SATUCI Youth Partners is a group of Marshalltown agencies and organizations dedicated to helping reduce substance abuse among youth and adults. Coalition members meet regularly to discuss and plan strategies toward that goal.

A little about the history of SATUCI Youth Partners:

  • The Youth Partners coalition grew out of a community-wide planning effort that began in 1997 as part of the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Comprehensive Strategy program. Iowa was one of a few states selected to receive support and technical assistance.
  • The Comprehensive Strategy process was a community-focused, research-based approach to youth development that built on and unified the efforts of all prevention and youth development efforts in the community.
  • The Comprehensive Strategy called for the mobilization of the entire community to share responsibility for its children and a community consensus on a blueprint for system change. Part of this mobilization included extensive data collection and assessment activities and the development of a community plan to impact youth in the community. Marshalltown was one of six sites in Iowa to participate.
  • Marshalltown's community plan was completed in 2000 and the SATUCI Youth Partners coalition was formed to address substance abuse-related issues in the community. Youth Partners work with a consultant to revise and update the Marshalltown substance abuse plan.
  • Data collection in the community includes the Iowa Youth Survey, which has been given annually to Marshalltown youth in 8th, 11th and 12th grade since 1999. This information compiles the perceptions of youth on various issues including alcohol and drug use. Along with additional substance abuse data from local law enforcement, Juvenile Court and other local service agencies, the community plan continues to be reviewed and updated.
  • Youth Partners members participate in trainings which provide education on various substance abuse prevention and related issues. Many of the same members who took part in the Comprehensive Strategy process are still involved in the Youth Partner coalition today.
  • The initial focus of the coalition was to increase awareness in the community of the problem of substance abuse by youth and to work on building skills and competencies. The coalition has moved towards strategies that involve the community.

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