SATUCI Youth Partner Committees

Steering Committee

This committee meets quarterly and guides all coalition efforts including sector membership, budget approval, identifying community needs, and resource development.

Current members: State Representative Mark Smith, Shirley Faircloth, Carol Hibbs, Matt Tullis, Jack McAlister, Bonnie Lowry, Vickie Lewis, Becky Pansegrau, and Ron Mirr

Data/Media Committee

The data/media committee assist coalition staff with the development and implementation of our social norming/join the crowd activities, Parent's Who Host campaign, and promotes awareness of the coalition and its activities in the community.

Current members: Shannon Chyma, Bonnie Lowry, Andy Lawler, Sue Roe, Pat Thompson, Shelly Tuttle, Lisa Lynk, and Sarah Pittman

Training/Outreach Committee

This committee assesses the training needs in our community related to substance abuse and supports efforts to meet those gaps. Members develop and implement strategies to engage diverse members of our community in Youth Partner's mission and activities.

Current members: Carol Hibbs, Clarissa Thompson, Becky Pansegrau, Lisa Hamar, Jennifer Hart, Clare Hanken, Angela Pelham


The policy/enforcement committee supports community awareness and enforcement of existing laws that reduces the access of alcohol to underage drinkers and new policies/laws that limits the availability of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in our community.

Current members: State Representative Mark Smith, Shirley Faircloth, Matt Tullis, Tyler Slagle, Ashley Wiegland, Molly Holl, Vickie Lewis