Accomplishments and Achievements of SATUCI Youth Partners

If you look at the changes in the community that SATUCI Youth Partners coalition has helped bring about, it is clear the impact that the coalition has had on the Marshalltown community in addressing the problem of youth substance use. Here are some of the achievements:

  • Worked with local officials to pass Social Host ordinance in Marshalltown (September 2011)
  • Marshalltown Police Department has increased alcohol enforcement activities and implemented Party Patrol program.
  • Helped support, coordinate and increase compliance checks in the community.
  • Helped Marshalltown School District secure $5.6 million Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant
  • Helped achieve a 26% drop in the 30-day alcohol usage pattern of 11th graders over the last 10 years. Look at the 10-year trends.
  • Helped pass Iowa’s no smoking law
  • Helped block legislation which would have allowed convenience stores to sell more distilled liquors
  • Promoted the “Parents Who Host Lose The Most” campaign in community to bring about changes in policy in the home and community around hosting parties for youth
  • Promoted the “Join The Crowd” Social Norming Campaign in community to dispel misperceptions youth have about alcohol use by youth
  • Iowa Youth Survey is now computerized and coalition and Marshalltown played major role in this process
  • Assisted the state in adding some new items to Iowa Youth Survey to help clarify aspects of student use patterns
  • Life Skills is implemented in grades 5-8 in Marshalltown Community School District
  • Supported the Access to Recovery Program in our community to help remove barriers to clients accessing treatment services
  • Coalition members reviewed internal policies and procedures to see what changes were needed to address substance use problems
  • 2230 providers and community members received substance related information through free trainings sponsored by the coalition. This increased their awareness of substance use issues and skills in addressing them
  • Worked with Marshalltown Community School District and community providers on Woodbury Project implementing Aggression Replacement Training and Service Learning in Woodbury Elementary and then expanding the project to other schools.
  • Helped promote National Recovery Month Campaign
  • Promoted media campaigns such as Healthy Buzz, Got a Minute, Parents Who Host, Join the Crowd, in the community
  • Collaborated with community members, organizations, service clubs etc. to work on the goal of reducing substance abuse among youth and adults in the Marshalltown Community

See what the alcohol and drug use trends have been for the past 10 years in Marshalltown.