Youth Partners Mobilizing Marshalltown!


SATUCI Youth Partners is a community coalition focused on substance abuse problems in the community and other related issues. Many of the coalition members have not only gained knowledge about the issue of substance abuse but also have built skills to address them. Coalition members have been successful in mobilizing resources in the community and in collaborating and planning ways to work together to reduce the use of illegal drugs and underage alcohol use in the Marshalltown community. Who are our Youth Partners?

Results of the Youth Partners Coalition 2011 Survey

Compare 2012 and 2010 Iowa Youth Survey Results

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SATUCI Youth Partners work to:

  • Increase community collaboration
  • Reduce youth substance abuse
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol and other substances
  • Increase the number of youth who make positive choices about alcohol and marijuana
  • Change consequences for alcohol by increasing public recognition for deserved behavior, individual and business rewards, taxes, citations, fines, revocations/loss of privileges
  • Change in physical design or structure of the environment to reduce risk or enhance protection in parks, billboard landscapes, signage, lighting, etc)
  • Modify and change policy

Who are SATUCI Youth Partners?


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