National Recovery Month


Celebrate National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is observed each September as a way to help spread the word that recovery from substance abuse addiction is real and that it benefits everyone.

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National Recovery Month is sponsored locally by SATUCI Youth Partners, Center Associates and Life Connections. This public health campaign is designed to highlight the societal benefits of substance abuse treatment and to promote the message that recovery from substance abuse in all its forms is possible.

Celebrating Recovery and Educating Communities

This year's theme of "Join the Voices for Recovery: Reach Out. Speak Up" emphasizes that all American's have the opportunity to access provisions within the Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act (MHPAEA), aimed to improve physical and emotional health while ensuring people will receive the care they need at a more reasonable cost. The theme showcases how public awareness will increase access to those in need of essential substance use and mental health services and how these legislative changes will improve the overall health and well-being of people in the United States.

For 24 years, Recovery Month has joined together millions of people across the United States to celebrate recovery and educate communities about substance use and mental disorders. For more information, contact Shannon Chyma at SATUCI at 641-752-5421.