Got a Minute?

SATUCI Youth Partners adopted the Got a Minute campaign as an effort to reach parents and other adults about developing relationships with young adults. Relationships that involve caring, trust and support between a child and parent or adult are likely to produce productive discussions about alcohol and substance abuse.

According to the Iowa Youth Survey, 85% of Marshalltown 8th and 11th graders said it is against their values to use alcohol and drugs as a teen. These positive values are instilled in them because of the positive messages and reinforcement parents and other adults are giving youth in Marshalltown. Teens continue to say they rely on adults in their lives more than anyone else to help them make tough decisions and to provide good advice.

Messages from the Got a Minute campaign have been seen all over Marshalltown in the form of billboards, newspaper advertising, radio spots (featuring Marshalltown teens), t-shirts, sweatshirts and posters. Some of these messages have been translated into Spanish to reach Marshalltown's Hispanic population.

Got a Minute Messages
Here are some of the messages you may have seen or heard:

  • Eat with me. I'll be 50% less likely to drink.
  • Ask me. Who? What? Where?
  • Show me. I'm watching what you do.
  • Tell me. Underage drinking is unsafe, illegal and irresponsible.
  • Challenge me. So I make the right decision.
  • Clear the smoke. Talk to us about pot.

Listen to Marshalltown High School students' radio ads of these messages

Want to help?

Interested in getting a Got a Minute poster you can display or an ad you can use in your organization's newsletter? Contact Youth Partners.

Vickie Lewis at SATUCI at 641-752-5421.