Other SATUCI Youth Partners Media Efforts

Marshalltown Police Department billboard

Two Marshalltown Police Officers were featured on a billboard in the spring of 2010 as part of the Parents Who Host campaign. Beside the photo of the two officers was the message: “Planning an underage drinking party? Count on Us. We’ll be there.” The phone number for the Neighborhood Crime Watch was also included.

Disaster billboard

Iowa has been hit hard with flooding and other natural disasters over the past few years. Sometimes these disasters cause stress to victims that result in substance and alcohol abuse. The billboard was a way to let people know that SATUCI can offer help.

Healthy Buzz

One of the first initiatives of SATUCI Youth Partners was a campaign called Healthy Buzz. The e-mail series informed its subscribers of facts from the Iowa Youth Survey along with other tips about parenting, substance abuse and alcohol. Information from the Healthy Buzz series later was published in the local newspapers.

News releases

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