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Youth Partners Mission Statement:

SATUCI Youth Partners Coalition is a partnership of organizations, agencies, parents and youth in the Marshalltown community whose mission is to reduce substance use and abuse among youth and adults in our community through information, skill building and changing community norms.

This website is designed to offer parents, youth and the community information about the SATUCI Youth Partners coalition as well as good information you can use in your family, agency or community to reduce substance abuse. Please join us in reducing substance use in Marshalltown - learn what you can do to help make a difference.

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Jan. 14th

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Parent tip for the week: Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of smoking, drinking and using drugs; with a lower incidence of depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts; and with better grades in 11 to 18 year olds.  Are there one or two days a week that you all can commit to for a fun family dinner? What do you need to clear from your schedule to make that happen?

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Healthy Buzz about Marshalltown Youth:

66% of Marshalltown 11th graders, 41% of 8th graders and 10% of 6th graders said it would be easy for someone their age to get alcohol.
Iowa Youth Survey